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Every time uTorrent moves to finsh. Windows Explorer crashes.


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Have tried other torrent clients and other software to find out whats making the windows explorer in my windows 7 laptop crash.

So i poked around for a week, and found that.. When utorrent finishes, att 99.9%, EVERY time.. the Windows Explorer stops working, and it needs to be restarted for the uTorrent to be able to finish to 100%.. =)


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Are you also on Win 7 RabidMoose?

Same question that firon asked, What AV software?

Might be helpful to post a HJT and PE logs as well. I've seen a number of win 7 and vista computers with Windows Explorer crash problems but not isolated to utorrent. Usually it's just when opening a specific folder.

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Windows 7 64 bit using Microsoft Security Essentials as anti-virus.

Could it have something to do with the download directories? I have:

Put new downloads in AND

Move completed downloads to

in the same spot. Also, .torrents are stored in a 'torrents' folder.

What logs should I put up? What's HJT and PE? :(

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