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"ghost" utorrent


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Ok, this is an odd one. After a complete system re-laod I re-installed utorrent.

Had to do a system restore rolling back 24hrs when some of the items I put on the system clashed.

Re-installed utorrent again as it was lost in the rollback (thought that wasnt supposed to happen but hey ho) and it found all my unfinished downloads and continued with them.

Went to download a new torrent today and it couldnt find utorrent. Searched for it on my system and nor could I. No shortcuts, nothing on the start or program menus nothing on the C drive and nothing in the add/remove programs list.

Re-installed (again) and this time it didnt go through all the install rigmoral, just put utorrent straight into my sytem tray seeding my downloads. BUT the system cant find it when I download torrents, its still not on my C drive, start and program menus, etc and yet I can see it in my system tray.

How do I uninstall it completely and/or reinstall it so that my system can find it?


Running a clean install of Windows XP Pro and had no problems with it before the install

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thanks moogly, but this is where its gets very odd

I have already searched for those 2 locations and they dont exist, a search of my entire HDD for "utorrent" and "torrent" only returns the original install application, no utorrent files, I dont get how my system can be running utorrent (I can see it now in my system tray as I type this showing no downloads and 4 active uploads) and yet NOT be able to find any program on my system actually controlling this.

Ghost in the machine!

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ok, I'm gonna go crawl under a stone and hide for a while.

I had previously tried the start - run - %programfiles when moogly suggested the locations, only to be returned with a "cant find" dialog box. Thought I'd done the same for appdata but must have mistyped it or something as this time, copyandpasting it fromdreadwingknight just to make sure, it found the offending items, deleted and re-installed successfully and able to download properly.

Thanks Guys

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