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uTorrent process(es) still up after exit


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I've had this problem the 4 or 5 last versions and I've tried different things to fix it, only way the process really exits is if I close uTorrent right when the computer has started.

I use to have my computer on several days before a reboot and at the end I might be having alot of uTorrent processes up at the same time since I only have uTorrent up when I sleep.

Here's the HijackThis log: http://pastebin.com/1JVhEe7w

And here's how the process looks in Task Manager: utorrentp.png

(Normally it says "µTorrent" in the description rightmost)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

uTorrent 2.0.3 (build 20664) [but as I said I've had the problem with the latest versions]

Eset NOD32 4

This is getting really annoying because not only is it taking up memoryspace but it also sometimes locks files (used by uTorrent) so that I have to reboot and close uTorrent fast so it doesn't have time to lock the files.

Thanks in advance

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