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uTorrent v2.03+ - fixes PPS/overhead issues in uTP (better than TCP)


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About ~40% of the peers are now running v2.03 and above, so I tried to check and see how past uTP related issues are now tested:

1. uTP PPS (packet per seconds) - the rate, mostly caused by small packets - was horribly large in 2.x (pre-2.0.3) releases


2. Overhead - was outrages, sometimes in the range of 15-25%


For this test, I tried to conduct somewhat synthetic check - downloading a single OpenOffice torrent, not having too many seeds. This way I could filter out all IPs that do not have v2.03 and above.

The end result is promising:

1. uTP has a nice flow of large packets of size 1444 bytes (resulting in low PPS)

2. Overhead is minimal (~3% in download, ~2% in upload/seeding), even a bit better than TCP.

This is in no way a realistic test (no upload, not many peers, minimal connect-attempts), but shows great potential when more people will upgrade to 2.03+ :)

So, thanks for fixing the broken issues, and listening to my bugging ... ;)

More results - are here: http://yfrog.com/5m1iutptcppx



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