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µTorrent + winmx


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I host a chat room on winmx. Until the recent update to version 1.4 (both beta and stable version) I had no trouble running winmx 3.54 and µTorrent on the same system. Now.. the pc completly freezes without warning if the two are left on for sporadic amounts of times.

I know µTorrent has trouble with various firewalls and NOD32. NOD was set to ignore µTorrent and its active directories and the fire wall was diabled for the second pc just to make sure it wasn't a problem with either.

Note.. it's been tested on my laptop as well with the same results. I'm unable to use µTorrent 1.3x due to it crashing at start.

Any ideas ??

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Well thanks for the reply.

I see no point in removing NOD32 for the sake of torrenting. Taking into consideration that NOD had no adverse affect on utorroent until the change from 1.3x to 1.4x versions of uTorrent. It's been the most app friendly antivir program I've come across. The only trouble I've ever experienced with it concerns googles search bar. Not a loss considering the change to Firefox from IE and it's various shells.

Considering the following is posted on the FAQ:

"Norton Anti-virus will continually prompt you to permit or block µTorrent regardless of if you hit Permit or Block. This is caused by NAV's Worm Protection (which is useless and only causes problems). The solution is to turn off the Worm Protection-- it doesn't actually protect you from anything. A better solution is to use an anti-virus that isn't so easily foiled; NAV's "protection" is easily broken by most modern worms and viruses. NOD32, Kaspersky, PC-cillin, and AVG are better solutions."

Why suggest the removal of a product when it's actually recommened in the FAQ ??

Now.. I've just had another crash on another test laptop. It has no virii, spyware, etc. It was connected to a private tracker in a local network for testing purposes. NOD32, Sygate Pro, and winmx are not installed on the test machine. The only running processes are those related to XP's needed services and Logitech's setpoint software.

After each crash the files are hashed in uTorrent. In the past 7 crashes uTorrent states the resume files is corrupt and has been recovered.

Any more suggestions considering NOD is not on the test machine??

KmPlayer (viewing a avi DivX 5.0 encoded), PeerGuardian (active but not filtering), Nero InCD, and windows standard services on the regular machine used for torrenting when the last crash occured when the last crash on the regular torrenting PC was used. NOD was still set to ignore uTorrent and all its directoriesand the firewall was totally disabled.

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Thanks again for the reply. :) You guys are WAY patient with people here.

I'm not sure what that type of file is or where I'd find it. I've looked in uTorr's folder just today and see a crash dump file. No program has ever generated one before. Not in any of the previous crashes.

And Now I'm led to think the problen is a uTorrent + foobar and / or foobar comp. This system has been running for two days now with no crash. Well it was... I opened foobar. After 4 or so hours the OS froze. Foobar can be played with all other programs I have. The only time the OS freezes is with the uTorrent / foobar combination. Because I didn't have the problem with previous versions of uTorrent and foobar (0.8.3).

Oh. Tell me where to find that file. I'll be happy to search for it and answer any queations you have.

Thanks again!!

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can't be foobar2000, I'm using that right now.

You said your PC crashes, so that usually means you get a BSOD. Turn off automatic rebooting (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Startup & Recovery) so you can see and write down the error.

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Well no crash since I last posted. (No foobar either). The auto reboot is disabled. And "crash" in this cae means completely locks. If any audio is playing is sounds as an annoying buzz and nothing responds. I have to manually reboot the pc to get any to work after it locks.

Currently running a few disk utilities to check the health and condition of the drive and my better half suggest a low level format and re-install. >.> Seriously hoping to avoid that considering I did start till the update. Never know. Something else could be the cause. Just thought I'd ask considering uTorr update was the only change made to the system.

Thanks for all you help and patience.

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