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Gets up to ~200kB/s, then starts all over again at 0...


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We've tried 2 different torrent files and they each have down the same thing...

The torrent appears in the downloading file, and seems to struggle with downloading speeds up until about 200, 250 kB/s. Then it gives "infinity" for ETA, the Pieces bar of the files turn red, and the torrent icon is a red exclamation point for a split second, after which it starts all over again at 0. The status is 0% done...It did manage to download the txt file and a jpg for one of the movies we were trying to download, but has not progressed since then. Pretty sure there's no conflict with our provider/IP, because we're able to download the very same torrent from our laptop. Our laptop is windows 7, and the computer have the conlfict is a Mac on Snow Leopard. Utorrent is all up to date on both computers. Any suggestions?

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