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uTorrent wont leave


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Ok. I downloaded uTorrent about a half a year ago at my mom's house. Downloaded a few episodes, and next thing I know the internet shuts off. My step dad works on his computer at the house so this was a problem for him. He called the internet company and they said they suspended the internet because of what I did. So, I get chewed out, and NEVER wanted to have anything to do with uTorrent again. I removed it off my laptop, I have windows 7. I never attempted to open it back up again. Then a few weeks later i'm at a friends with my laptop. Cops show up the next day threatening to arrest me for downloading stuff with uTorrent. I told them i havent touched nor downloaded anything off of uTorrent until the first time. They took it and said they deleted it, along with all its downloaded files. ( I already deleted it, I dont know how it was still on there ). My mom's good lawyer friend went up to the police station and got me out of trouble. This whole time, since after the first time I got in trouble, I thought it was deleted, even though the uTorrent icon was always somehow in my icon box. I always immediately clicked exit, but everytime I turned off my laptop, then turned it back on, the icon would come back... Last night, which was months after the second incident, im at my mom's house and the internet shuts off again. They say it's the same problem. My step-dad this time knew I wasn't downloading anything. We sat an tried to find uTorrent on my laptop by searching for it but never found anything, just the stupid icon in the bottom right corner. and when you scroll over the icon, it always said there were 8 out of 8 seeders.


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It ends up in %programfiles%\utorrent by default (start - run - %programfiles%\utorrent)

And you should turn off the automatic start in its preferences BEFORE removing it.

And honestly, if the internet provider is cutting you off just for having a torrent client running, they are probably breaking privacy clauses of their contract or other stupidity.

http://dmca.cs.washington.edu/ also shows how inaccurate the anti-p2p "evidence" usually is.

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