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No Incoming Connetions...


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MACHINE A: (used to access internet by internal IPs)

eth0 - Connects to external internet

eth1 - internal LAN

I connect using SOCKS to the above machine using ip of eth1..

The firewall on the above machine is configured such that any request to internet goes through eth0 automatically.

By using SOCKS, I can access internet, but when I try to use utorrent, I get "No Incoming Connections" error. Also, the download speed is arounf 15kbps but I have bandwidth of around 250kbps...

Please help me solving the issue...

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The machine running the proxy needs to forward traffic to the internal machine (using iptables or whatever) if you want incoming connections. Otherwise, you can get away with just outgoing with somewhat reduced performance.

Can u illustrate on how to use iptables to do so?

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