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Comcast again


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Yeah Yeah, I know, another Comcrap question... I search the forums but couldn't find any conclusive answers. I've never noticed any throttling from them for years but now i know its definitely happening even after checking a d/u torrent block checker said its not. I noticed my speeds drop tremendously lately even on ubuntu torrents which i know is bs.

I can exit utorrent and restart and get great speeds for 10 seconds then throttled. Any suggestions or workarounds to this new plague?

ps. yes protocol encryption is forced...

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I have ComCast as well and have read many posts on the forums of people ALSO on ComCast with problems.

The overwhelming majority of them could be traced back to networking issues with their computer or network.

A network overload for instance may allow you to run at max speed for a short while and then speeds just "die off".

There was and still are minor problems with uTP bandwidth management that can cause speed die-offs:




ComCast ALSO has SpeedBoost which can create very confusing speed results:


But on top of that, ComCast does throttle (basically everything when they do!) on an irregular basis...it probably depends on how overloaded your neighborhood is for how often it happens. I was able to determine this had no other possible causes:


But they usually only do it to me for about 2 hours at most...and even during those times I'm often still getting >50% max upload speed. Download speed at those times I've hardly checked, but from what I recall my normal max of 600-800 KB/sec can fall as low as ~200 KB/sec during peak (overloaded) weekday evening hours from ~6 PM to ~10 PM.

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