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I would like to know on how to set up my port forwarding for UTorrent


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I was just wondering on how port forward my Linkskys router when I use UTorrent. Because I was download some torrents today, but they were going not too fast at all. But I tried this. I went into my internet browser and typed in my router ip which is usually 192.168.11. Then I logged into my router just fine. Now here is the problem that I am having right now. The current port I am using right now is port 45682. Now it doesn't matter which port number I choose? It could be any one? I am not too sure on what to do here because I am confused here. So I would really like for you to give me a simple guide or tutorial with some screenshots on how to do this for me please. So after I logged into my router okay, I clicked on the Applications and Gaming tab. Then I am not too sure what to do here. This is the problem. Well first things off, I typed in UTorrent as the application name. Then after I did that I put in my Start to End port number which was 45682. And then for the Protocol, I selected Both. Then next it says IP address 192.168.1 with an empty place to put in a number. Now what number should I put in here. I am not to sure what number to put in. I need lots of help right here on this part. Then after I entered a certain number, I checked Enable. Then lastly, I clicked on Save Changes. And then it said that my settings were successful. Then came this big problem for me right here. So I entered all of my numbers and clicked Save changes. Right? Then after it saved the changes the numbers I entered and everthing was not there and it was gone! Hmmm, so why is it doing this for? I really do not know what is going on here. But I believe that I did mostly everthing right. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong. If so you know, please give me an explanation on how to fix this for me, because I really want my torrents to download faster. And also, I ran a speed test in my UTorrent. So I ran this speed test, and it said that my port number 45682 was not open! Man, this made me mad and upset! I don't have any clue why it says my port wasn't open for. Probably because the numbers got cleared in my router settings. So please help me out on this, I am begging you a lot. Because I am really upset right now about this situation I am in. Then after I did all that, I went to Port Forward.com, and I downloaded a port checker program, which is good to use. So I typed in my port number which was 45682, and it said that that port was not open. And it also said here that they couldn't ping my router, whatever that means. So the bottom line is this. Mostly what I am saying to you is that I really want to port my router a lot, but I am not too sure on how to do it at all. But mainly, I have not a single clue why all my numbers and settings keep getting cleared on me when I click save changes. That is really annoying to me. But I also found this really cool program called [removed]. I now use this to speed up my torrents that I download, and it makes them much faster too! And I set the number to 0.1 and then I enable the speed hack in [removed], which gives it a big boost in speed. It's really cool to use. But mainly what I saying is that I want to use my port forwarding a lot, so my torrents download at a much faster speed. So all righty then? And also explain to me on why my settings keep getting cleared on me cause that's not good. And if you can give me a simple guide or tutorial on this for me, then that would be great. Well anyway, sorry for the long letter, but I am trying to make a point to you about this situation that I am in. So get back to me as soon as possible and let me know more about this important stuff. So thank you very much!

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