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Speed limited?


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Hi, all my torrents are stuck at a speed of exactly 1000 kB/s.

I have a 100/100 fiber cable connection and here's my speedtest.net result,


I've set the set the upload speed in the setup guide correctly, I've done most of the things mentioned in Ultima's guide.

I have no idea whats wrong, thankful for answers!

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Well, if I have a 100/100 connection I should get better results,right? I just got 1/10th just like you said.

I could stop paying for that, excuse my language, crap if it acually just delivers 1/10th of what I'm paying for.

Or, maybe there is something I can do about it?

By the way, I know there is a difference between bit and byte, I just don't know the differences between the abbreviations. I'm not a pro.

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