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Big probleme drive me crazy


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I have big fucking probleme with the listen port , I was orignally using µTorrent , I also tried other bitorrent clint whatever its called. I setup a static IP address,I also tried DHCP Server, I went into my router HUAWEI SmartAX MT880(i tried 7 different modèl D-Link AirPlus G DI-524 ,speedtouch 530V6,Linksys WRT150N,Asus - WL-500G,Hayes - 15810,Siemens - Gigaset SE560 And Sitecom - WL-606 ) and set that all up to port forward 52311(and Rang 49500-62000)(step-by-stap http://portforward.com/ And used Simple Port Forwarding 3.0.6 ) and my firewall is set to except the torrent program but still they are both saying (Port still Blocked by Firewall/Router), Simple port tester And Port Checker saying (Prot is offline and can not be reached) this problem drive me crazy.

.i've been fucking around with it all week and nothing is working. What am I doing wrong?, what else can I do here?

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