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Run command on torrent completion for label or RSS filter


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A similar, more general request was posted here:


I'd like to be able to set a command to be run on completion of a torrent downloaded through a specific RSS filter.

For example, I could program any podcasts that came through on a certain podcast feed to be renamed the way I want (because their filenames are predictable), extract files from RARs, load them onto my iPod, etc.

Sounds like a lazy feature, I know, but isn't RSS? :)

edit: Oh, and the text "You can use these commands" should be changed to "You can use these variables" in the Advanced tab of the per-torrent options. Makes a lot more sense ;)

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*quiet bump*

I've been waiting for this also for a long time. It's not really a NEW feature, it's about making an already existing feature available when using RSS. Also, a %L variable for label would be handy.

Also requested/discussed here:




...Except for the fact that I have to select the program for every torrent I download, which kind of defeats the purpose of automation.

So true.

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Hello, I was wondering if is there any plan to release the Run Command option for RSS Downloader?

I like receiving mails when my downloads are complete... I use a command line email client.

But since it has to be done manually for each torrent, it doesn't really work on RSS downloads.


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Is this still being worked on? Not much needs to be done here! just port the code from individual torrents to RSS feeds... This is VITAL to an automated media center PC! Can we get an update on the progress of this? Hell, give me the source - I'll do it :)

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What's the status on this? It seems like it's been on the "to-do" list for years. If it's available now, how can I enable it? I've added the command line to the Advanced Properties for my RSS feeds, but new torrents are not picking up this command.

What's the story?

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