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HKEY registry concern


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I have been using Bit Torrent without problem for a long time. A few days ago, when scanning my computer routinely, I began to notice this error from my NoAdware client:

hkey_classes_root]magnet\url pregvalue

It is associated, it says, with Bearshare. I do not have Bearshare on my computer, nor any other file sharing or download program but Bit Torrent/uTorrent.

Now from a lot of research and backtracking, this HKEY problem is due to Bit Torrent. Here is what I know.

1) NO problems on my new computer with Bit Torrent for months.

2) A few days ago, Bit Torrent wanted to upgrade to a new version and build. I let it.

3)That's about when No Adware started catching this HKEY thing which it labels as 'dangerous'. I would delete it, but it would show up again after restarting.

4) From some practice shut downs and restarts, I definitely pinpointed this to Bit Torrent by running my NoAdware at various times. It was always after starting BT that the dangerous HKEY popped up.

5) I uninstalled BT. I re-installed on the old version that I had on my hard drive but it still came up with that HKEY warning.

6) I uninstalled BT again and went to the uTorrent site to download fresh. It's the same thing. Once I open uTorrent and run the program, I get the alert and have to delete it again.

What's going on with this? Can someone explain this to me. I'm very concerned. I've used this client for a long time. I'm not eager to switch clients, but I don't want this HKEY dangerous warning either.


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Can you tell me what the purpose of that HKEY is? Obviously, uT keeps working even with it removed. I have figured out how I can ignore it, but I'm wondering why it's there and what it is doing since it doesn't seem to really do anything for uT?

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