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Name of Torrents when Created - Help


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Ok, here is what I'm doing.

When I use the built in "Create New Torrent" option, I run into issues with names.

For Example:

Click "Create New Torrent"

Fill In the "Select Source" field:


Fill in the other entries: 'Skip Files', 'Trackers', 'Comments', etc

Then click on "Create and Save as..."

When this screen comes up, give it a descriptive name:


So... After going through all that, what does uTorrent want to Name it inside the main app window?


This is a stupid naming scheme. Let me give my own display name, don't try and guess one for me. I would rather you use:


Anyone know how to work around this?

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This is just the way torrents work.

That is the way uTorrent works.

I have used many different tools to create torrents, and most of them allow you to set the display name. I have hundreds of torrents I need to create, and this just makes it unmanageable.

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