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Torrent clients kill mobile broadbad connection?


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I use mobile broadband after works. The connection is through wireless EDGE. I am not sure how to categorize it; if I look it up under ¡°Network and Dial-up Connections¡±, its shown as LAN under ¡°Type¡± column. It is supposed to be an ¡°always-on, unlimited broadband connection¡±. However, when check it under tray icon ¡°Eject or Unplug hardware¡±, it¡¯s shown as Sony Ericcson EGPRS modem. Almost forgot, I use a PCMCIA card (Sony Ericcson GC89) to do the connection.

So much for trying to describe the hardware.

Now let me try to explain the problem I face. Normally, when connected, the speed is around 150-214 kpbs. When I turn on a torrent client such as utorret or bitcoment, the speed decrease rapidly with 2 minutes, it goes all the way til rock bottom 0kpbs. After that it just died. No more internet activities, browsers stopped working, and so did the torrent clients. Then, I had to eject the PCMCIA card and re-connect. I can¡¯t re-connect the ¡°warm¡± way through the Wireless Manager (and application that comes with the PCMCIA card).

Could anyone shed some light on this please?

Many thanks


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Hi Firon,

You are a magician! it works like a charm!

Thank you so much. It had been on more that 6 hours without disconnection.

How do you categorize this type of connection?

Can I do port-forwarding? It is not a router, I can't find any port with it.

Now i am downloading without DHT, is there a way to work around it (turning it on without getting "disconnected" like before)? What is the disadvantage compared to those with DHT on?

Have I asked too many questitons?

Hope u don't mind.


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