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µTorrent 2.0.4 released


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The specs don't define how files are to be handled by the client.

0-byte files are of very questionable value. They're nothing more than filesystem data, and if exploited, could be a simple way to inundate a user's filesystem with tons of junk filesystem entries instantly. If anything, I'd say 0-byte files shouldn't be "allocated" at all unless the user explicitly tells the client to do so somehow (pre-allocate all files, or some extra option in some menu).

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Okay, about the broken translation thing. In the installer I select I want the Dutch translation, which it then downloads and the complete installer is in Dutch, everything's cool :cool::


Then I get to see the main µTorrent screen, still completely in Dutch:


But then when I right click the µTorrent in my tray:


Houston, we have a problem! :(

Settings screen:


Weird 50\50 mix of Dutch and English. :/

I'm one of the Dutch translators so I know the translation is 100% complete, that's what's so weird about this. I don't know if this happens with other languages too, haven't tested.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

µTorrent 2.0.4 (build 22450)

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with permanent labels is there anyway that i can set the upload ratio for each label for different trackers as some of my trackers require an upload ratio and some a set time.i would like to be able to set a torrent to a certain label and the upload ratio will corespond to that label

You can right click on each torrent in the list and choose 'Properties' to set the ratios one torrent at a time.

Or you can use the category list (F7) to display all the torrents with the same label, then select all those torrents and set the properties for all those torrents at the same time.

But there's no way to automatically set anything based on labels: the labels are mostly just for your convenience; uTorrent itself doesn't use them for anything.

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confirmed. The downloaded languagepack (during install) is 22328, but the correct one should be 21431 (as just tested). Here is my backup copy of it to test: http://www.should.keepfree.de/utorrent.lng_21431.zip (which is version 2066406 in real).

So everything is correct on your side and on µTS, just somebody Firon broke it ;)

EDIT: My last tests show that this should be solved now.

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It's just installer changes.

Firon, would it be possible to include even the minor installer changes in the change log?

I've been lurking here for a year or two, and almost every time the build number changes without an entry in the change log the release thread gets swamped with posts wanting to know what changed. And eventually you (or another staff member) posts a brief explanation of what was changed.

If you just put that brief explanaton in the change log when the new build was released, you might save a lot of clutter in the release threads. :)

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