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µTorrent 2.0.4 released


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Rafi, I've only had to renew the firewall entry once out of multiple upgrades. I'm not sure what the defining issue is, but the firewall rules failing to update and blocking a new version seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Most people who encounter this find it rather frustrating as there's no firm indication what the issue is. They've upgraded before and not had to do anything, so the most direct thought is a problem with the newer version rather than the firewall.

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I just had a thought, when the program is run out of the installer it may not have the same user/system rights as when it's executed from a shortcut. The user space it's running in out of the installer may not have the correct permissions to allow the firewall to update. If that's the case the firewall rules might properly update when it's run via the normal menu or desktop links with the correct user associations.

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Hey rafi, cool down, start reading as it is written and start thinking constructively.

What I wrote, is mostly observation and is all true.

I didn't want to argue with you, but to be constructive and helpful, if it's possible.

Program continues to run, after installation is done, from INSTALLER location.

Next time it runs from location where it is installed.

That's fact, and you know it.

When firewall asks me to grant internet access to program (whatever it's name is) in location where from I'm installing something - I always answer - "BLOCK".

We could argue about why is it so for a week, but that would not do any good.

I just don't want to grant internet access to ANY installer program, and I think I'm not the only one. End of discussion about that.

We could argue about what "decent" (an not "descent" - from your post #100) firewall is for another week or more, but this would do no good too.

I could tell you that every "decent" firewall, after program changes, and if program is known to firewall, if it is on same location as before and it is only modified (has changed in any way), it only notifies that internet access is granted to known modified program, and waits for confirmation, so there is no need to define any new rule for this ONLY MODIFIED program.

Installer program does not always have same name (I rename every downloaded installation program by adding version and build number to it's name) and is not recognized by firewall, so exceptions and new rules should be added to firewall, and it is for only ONE RUN of program, because next time it will run from another location and this rules will not apply any more, because it will not be the same program any more (different location, different name, ...).

So it would be ONE RULE for ONE RUN only - makes no sense.

I have firewall that is working good for me and I have no intention to change it.

But what could be changed is that uTorrent program, after installation is done, runs from it's final destination, like all "decent" programs do.

This may be done or may not, it is only My suggestion, with all good intentions.

I'll always find the way around, now when I know where problem is - just close program after installation is done and run it from location where it is installed.

I will not discuss this subject with YOU any more.

Sorry for wasting Your precious time.

Thanks anyway

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Could anybody help me to find solution for this problem?


And few minutes later again...


On next I've changed download limit from 288 KB to 256 and later back to 288


What could be reason for this overhead, always when download rate reaches limit in settings?

It's killing my bandwidth.

After restarting uTorrend, and few minutes later again...


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The point was - trying to stop living in the dark ages (=manual updates) and try fixing the 21th century way (auto-update) like in any decent software...

In uT it is a chronic decease that some part of the auto update is not working (language, help, exe... :P ). Whether it is the fault of the client, the server or the server-opertor... - is really not relevant to the user :(

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Thanks Switeck and rafi,

I know there must be something in setting but don't know what, I'll try your suggestions and see what could be done.

I also know that there is some problem with my ISP:

1. My download bandwidth is 512 KB, but upload is only 32 KB max

2. If I use full upload speed - 32 KB - it kills my download to only about 15 - 30 KB (this is not only with uTorrent) - so I have to limit upload to about 16 KB to have full download

This is not only my problem, everyone using same ISP is having this problem.

I'll read your guides and try to solve this problem (if possible).

Thanks again

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can somebody plaese help me ive got a new comp and downloaded utorrent and evrytime i try downloading anything it comes up with an error message saying unable to perform action on a file with a user mapped section open. its driving me mad i never had this problem with my old comp once and dont understand why it is doing it on this one can anyone help.

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Not accepting non-critical bug reports for 2.0.4 anymore. Please replicate on 2.2.

Done, tho I'll definitely call if annoying ... :P

And I WILL call the yet unexplained "calling home" feature/bug - critical, at least untill someone will be so kind to analyze the posted data/cap and calm the crowd down... :(

Amy be you'll be so kind to handle this, Firon ?


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