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High CPU usage in last betas


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!! This problem might be actual only for those uTorrent users, who has a lot of (too many) torrents in their download/upload list and only in case, when uTorrent window is opened.

There is a very high CPU usage in last betas (3-4 last builds with new (arrows) graphics), when uTorrent window is opened (49% in average), while 01% with closed one - according to Windows Task Manager.

That's why vertical scrolling is discret (not permanent) and working with torrents is very slow (with time lag) - i have 650 active of my 2400+ torrents...

I think, that it's occured due to rich graphics, because in Stable version these parameters are 10% and 01% respectively...

(sorry for my english - it's not my native)

Big thanks to Utorrent Team for great job for our pleasure! :)

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Switeck, if you mean my torrent's speed settings - they are according to your "2nd" and uTorrent recommendations: 1.04Mbit/sec ║ 90│ 6║ 100│ 450║ 7│ 6║...

And they are the same in beta or stable version.

My question was about differences in CPU consumption behavior between NEW betas and stable.

Previous betas (with old status (arrows) graphics) were comparable with stable one in this aspect.

P.S.: I try to do some (any) changes in this settings - effect is still the same...

Very painful to use New Beta by this way!!!

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Thank very much, Firon, for your help!

I didn't see this parameter earlier...

Changing of "gui.transparent_graph_legend" didn't have any influence...

But the problem resolved with changing of the next one - "gui.update_rate" to 10000 from 1000.


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Now CPU Usage about 50% is once per 10 seconds (not ALWAYS, like before - much better!!!), during the other time - is just 00-01% even with opened window!

Now i understand the direction, i should go with my future improvements...

Thanx once more!

To UT Team: It might be have sense to change this parameter by default - most of people simply have no gadgets, so they didn't watch their CPUs and didn't know about this problem...

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