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Symantec End Point Protection Buffer Overflow and uTorrent


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Hi everyone

I am using utorrent on a pc in a lan network, but Symantec gives "MSRPC server service bo detected" message and blocks traffic from an IP address which I believe is local.

I read about that error in Symantec website and it says it happens when a large file is being copied (There is a related topic about utorrent and it says that the problem has been solved in utorrent version 1.6. Mine is 2.0)

Is this because there is a large file being downloaded from a local computer? should I ignore it or what?

Thanks a lot

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Sounds to me like you should dump that Symantec software if copying a large file across the network makes it think there's a "MSRPC server service bot"!

uTorrent v2.0.0 is hopelessly buggy and *VERY* bad for torrent swarms. Please upgrade to v2.0.4 if you can.

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