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Connected to peers, but not downloading


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I have the peers on my list, but i can only download from one or two of them at a time.

The speed goes up to whatever the single peer can give me.

And i also notice that i am uploading only to that same single peer as well.

This was not the case before.

It is not an issue of seeds, there are plenty.

is it possible i messed up my settings?

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Streamyx ADSL ISP in Malaysia is known to severely disrupt and throttle BitTorrent (and other) traffic. That's mostly why your speeds suffer.

On top of this, people OFTEN use bad settings in BitTorrent clients that will result in most people uploading nothing to you from moment-to-moment.

A seed that allows 40 connections per torrent may well have 30-40 peers connected, yet only upload to 1-4 at a time. And to those 1-4 peers, the seed might only be uploading at 0.5-5 KB/sec each.

I can only suggest you try links 1, 2, and 3 in my signature.

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Throttling isn't always perfect -- some ips "slip through" and don't get throttled.

Your ISP may even allow ips from the same ISP and possibly neighboring ISPs to run at faster-than-throttles speeds. Costs them far less money that way.

3rd link in my signature describes some of the tricks that MIGHT help reduce throttling problems.

Do note they were specific to that user's problem, so try settings possibly not as extreme at first.

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