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Download speed goes up at 2mb/s, than within 10 seconds drops to 10k/s


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Hey guys! So, basicly, when i start a torrent the speed rises up at my regular value which is aroung 2.1mb/s, then it suddenly drops to 10k/s. I didn't have this problem yesterday, or the day berfore. And one more thing if I stop and start it usually downloads a my normal speed(but I don't want to stop and start each and every torrent I download).

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OK, i have the same problem from the moment on i removed the 1.8.2 version and changed to any of the newer ones. So, my question is: what is the reason my connection with one of the "newer versions" (1.8.5 - 2.0.4) to be optimized just for a specific period of time and then to crash (under "crash" i mean to start uploading/seeding with 0-5 KB/sec) and after a while it starts uploading and downloading as usual. Very strange, don`t you think? I didn`t want to remove my 1.8.2 version but the tracker that i use has banned it so i have no choice. And if you ask me - yes, i read 1st and 2nd links. The result is good just for a short period of time :(



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1st and 2nd links in my signature...we need more information!

Provide the information requested. We can't troubleshoot without it.

What have i done so far from this guide (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992):

* http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404 - this for the 50 mbps connection (i`ll insert .img files)

*Try lowering net.max_halfopen to 4 or lower (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced)

*Try lowering bt.connect_speed to 4 or lower (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced)

*Try disabling DHT (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent)

*Try disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP (Can be found in Preferences > Connection)

*Try disabling peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced)

*Try disabling uTP? (Set Preferences > Advanced > bt.transp_disposition to 5)






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No, because actually i never needed to show this result somewhere :)

Edit: Just to add - after changing some of the settings in uTorrent now the program for the moment does not crash, but it just uploads very slowly (i uploaded one torrent just to check the speed). And just to mention that i use now v. 1.8.5 build 17414

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Look guys, i have no problem with my PC because everything was just perfect and when i switched the versions everything just blocked. I have no problem with my internet connection because i have no losses, everything is just fine. I read and this is not just me with these similar problems across the BT world. I have downloaded with my router Linksys WRT 320N with 9-10 MB/sec (100mbit). This is also possible here :)

The problem could be the settings, the protocols implemented into uTorrent ... i don`t really know :(

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