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uTorrent 2.0.4 crashes announce on tracker servers - details provided.


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After 2.0.4 came out we noticed that our tracker suddenly spiked the load from usual 25-30% to 100% load (that's 2 x Quad Core Xeons 2.4 GHz), announce started to get more requests by a factor of 10 if not even more. Future investigation showed (by logging requests and other activities) that all requests witch fail with an error like "Torrent is not registered with tracker" or 50x errors are repeated by the uTorrent instantly! I logged some ips requests to get detailed stats to comfirm that - clients where sending a request every second.

To completly confirm that, I just downloaded a torrent from my tracker and added it to the uTorrent. Because my tracker is now under extreme load I get 502 error and uTorrent just repeats the request instantly in a loop of "request => 50x => request => 50x => .....".

Please fix that ASAP.

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