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utorrent 2.0.4 build 21515 problems - really need help!!!!


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I am having problems since I installed utorrent 2.0.4 build 21515 earlier today.

The initial problem was that it would upgrade from the pop up in utorrent so I downloaded it from the web site and installed it directly.

For example, I upped two torrents to a private tracker earlier today after I did the upgrade and, although utorrent says I'm seeding, it did upload even one kb. It has now been hours and still nothing has upped. This has never been a problem in the past. I am showing as connectable in some trackers that indicate that. I'm not upping anything at all at the moment and it appears that I haven't since I upgraded. I also just discovered that I also cannot download anything!!

I quit utorrent and reopened it. It is taking an extremely long time to load all my torrents on the tracker. In fact, I just noticed that the number of torrents I'm sharing has actually dropped since the last time I looked.

I've upgraded before with no problems and this is very frustrating. I've played around with the settings with no success.

Is anyone aware of any issues with this release of utorrent? And, if so, are there any fixes?

Or is there something that I've just missed in doing the upgrade.

Please help!!!!

Here are my settings:

Firefox 3.6.8


the following are checked:

Enable UPnP port mapping

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

Add Windows firewall exception

no proxy server


the following are checked:

Enable local peer discovery

Enable bandwidth management (uTP)

Enable UDP tracker support

Allow incoming legacy connections

outgoing protocol encryption is disabled

If there is some other issue - i.e with the trackers' compatibility with this version of utorrent, how can I install a prior working version? I do not have any prior install exe files.

I really need help to fix this now and would appreciate any good advice and directions.

Thanks and peace to all....


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That seems to have helped and I REALLY appreciate your help and I am grateful for your quick reply. The DLs are now going well and the torrent shares are building on the trackers but there still seem to be a lot of queued seeds in utorrent which are releasing the queue and going into seed much more slowly than usual (I think). Just curious, could you give me an idea of what the problem was with the 21515 build?

Thanks and peace to you mon ami...

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