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Have to stop then restart my torrents to get them to download in 2.0.4


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Even with the latest upgrade 2.0.4 build 21586 i have to stop, then restart my torrents every 5-10 mins. to keep them downloading over 1kbps. When I restart them the download speed go back up where it belongs but after 5-10 mins it falls back to 1kbps again, so it's time to stop it and restart it again. I never had this problem till I upgraded to 2.0.4 (all 3 builds of it)... Is there any possible way to go back to 2.0.3? If I delete 2.0.4 completly and download 2.0.3 can't I do it this way?

P/S......I believe it all has to do with the UTP download management in some way. For some reason it just isn't working right. You can't be at your computer every 2-3 mins to start and stop and restart torrents for them to download at a decent speed. Don't think it is ISP since it just started yesterday after 2.0.4 unstalled. 2.0.3 was perfect and by it being able to bring the download rate right back up as soon as you stop the torrent and restart it........Should have never upgraded.....

Found problem...It was the server from the torrent...They were having trouble. They finally posted they were having trouble "AFTER" they fixed it....lol........Things like this are really a help......

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