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Error: The Parameter is incorrect


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When I let the utorrent client stay on it happens that some torrents occasionally stop with the error message

"Error: The Parameter is incorrect"

Usually the problem is fixed by starting the torrent again and it continues like nothing has happened before. But still this error is rather unsettling and I don't like the idea of having to babysit the computer like this...

So my question is; what does this message mean and what things can cause this? I have not found an answer to this question in the FAQ, nor have I found any satisfactory answer from any prior thread in any of these forums.

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Yes, I have been checking the log but it revealed no useful information.

I also suspect that this is a disk related issue and not network related simply because when the network fails, the client usually tries over and over again which it does not with this error.

But anyway, what does it _mean_?

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