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Blocking all Ports...?


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So like my parents have utorrent and they always turn it on at afternoon and evening when i get back from school -_- and when they turn it on EVEN if it's only uploading it is blocking all ports. i cannot play any MMORPG game for example: League of Legends, Digimon Masters etc. I just try to login to any any possible game and it just freezes on and wont let me pass by login... and if it does with MiRaClE it just freezes in game any second and i'm at start again.

basicly when utorrent is working whenever it downloads/uploads or anything EVEN if nothing is in there YET it does something to my internet that blocks my access from my Parent's computer utorrent that slows all my internet and blocks my access somehow to be able to play MMORPGS as mentioned above and others. i think it's blocking a port somehow but i realy have no idea, also i tired messing up at the utorrent options but ehm... haven't seen anything that will solve the problem.

so i hope anyone could help me solve it my parents do not turn it off beacuse they dont want to turn the computer at night beacuse it burns more electricity so they leave it at day when i want to play and i just come back from school and want to have some fun... but no i end up watching DIgimon, Dragonball Z or Pokemon on the internet >_< so if anyone can help me solve this i will realy appriciate!

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