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utorrent keeps crashing


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note: i've checked the post about the checked dump files and my situation wasn't in there.

i've been using utorrent for ages with no problems. when the recent update came out i couldn't download it the normal route, so what i did was to uninstall it, go to the utorrent site and download the newest version.

problem is that it does not connect to the trackers and also keeps crashing. it gives me the options to send the dump file, restart and not restart. dump file can't be sent. restarting just keeps giving the same problem.

i rebooted my system, tried installing again... nothing. still same problems.

i run win 7 with panda global protection (which is set to allow incoming and outgoing connections). as i said i used utorrent without problems until now, which was also on this system with win 7 and panda global protection.

what can i do?


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I have the same crashing problem, but I'm on Windows XP (SP3)


I've been using it for years without incident (can honestly say it's never crashed once), then yesterday I upgraded to 2.0.4 (21586) and it's crashed twice since then.

I get the Send Dump/Restart/No Restart message also.

First time I sent the dump. Second time I just restarted.

If it crashes again, I'll try and get more info.


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