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what would cause this?


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Hello, I am unable to browse when utorrent is running - browsing is extremely slow to non-existant. I went through the speed guide and am using conservative settings. Even after I exit utorrent, I sometimes will not be able to browse for 5 to 10 minutes. Any idea what might cause this to happen? I was hoping that last symptom might provide a clue to the problem. Thanks for any assistance.

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When browsing is slow, what point is it slow. (what does the status bar in the browser say?)

If it says loading with the little bar then it could be bad hardware, or improper settings in utorrent.

If it says connecting to, or finding. Then it could be a DNS problem from bad hardware. Some hardware relays the DNS requests through itself and a torrent connection quickly maxes out it's limit.

When it's slow open a cmd prompt and type nslookup google.com

do it a few times.

What does it display?

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