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File association problem on windows 7


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I've been having some problems on both my laptops running utorrent 2.0.4. From time to time it suddently goes blue screen and restarts. This have happened to both my laptops, and i think windows 7 is part of the problem, because i also experienced the blue screen a few other times.

But on one of my laptops it happened just a couple of days ago, and when i got utorrent up and running again it was no longer associated with the .torrent file. Everytime i start utorrent it tells me that its not associated even tho i say yes to have utorrent as my torrent program everytime.

When i download a .torrent file and save it to my desktop and then run it, windows asks me what program i will use to open my torrent with. Utorrent isnt under the standard selection, but when i browse the utorrent icon in my program folder it simply wont select it. I cant associate utorrent with .torrent files anymore :/

Is there any information i can provide that would help solve this problem?

Thank you

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So the file association is broken in your web browser.

When you download a .torrent from the web, your browser should call utorrent.exe not WMP.

Look at the options in your browser to fix that, surely not very hard.

Because the .torrent file association seems to be OK in your computer.

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Thanks for the response so far moogly.

I've downloaded bluescreenview and got 5 different "crashes" from the 20/8-21/8 and I'm not sure which one was responsible for the file association problem. But I got one from 21/8 thats called "REGISTRY_ERROR" and it sounds to me like that could be the one.

What to do from here, how can I fix my BSOD?

Again thanks for the help

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same here!! tried reinstalling older version, an when i open up utorrent it keeps asking to associate .torrent files but it doesnt work, i have to manually save torrent files and then open them within the program

it is an annoying issue and all the steps i have seen so far DOES NOT WORK

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