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Torrenting through two proxies?


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I live in a college dorm that has a bandwidth limit of 3.5 gigabytes per day. If one exceeds this limit, their connection gets gradually slower until it stops completely for 24 hours. There is a way to go around it by using the university's proxy. When data is flowing through the proxy, it doesn't upset the limit.

I want to torrent through the university proxy, but I don't want the administrators to see what I'm doing. So, I figured that would be possible if there was a way to torrent through two proxies with uTorrent, the second being the university proxy and the first could be, for example, a tor proxy.

Is this possible?

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Proxies work in a line, so each stop could technically see everything that was flowing through it.

However if the data stream is encrypted then you may be able to prevent that (not guaranteed)

What you are looking to do could probably be done using a VPN service through that proxy. (not sure how the setup would work, ask the VPN support team)

You WILL notice a slower transfer speed doing that however, With losses from overheads and latency.

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