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Seed problem


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My ISP took all their modems back yesterday and now i'm on a faster connection with a better upload speed so i decided to fix up my ratios at some trackers.

Problem is it won't seed after the torrent is downloaded, when i start uTorrent and click to seed the torrent, the lil thingy at the bottom is yellow but it starts seeding for like 5 seconds, and the max upload is 0.6 kb/s. then it stops seeding but the thingy becomes green which says connections are ok.

Ran the test and it says the port isn't open. Went into router and port forwarded, ran uTorrent again and still the same problem.

My IP isn't static btw, could that be the problem?

EDIT: Now it keeps changing from green to yellow, then back to green, etc.. Sometimes dissapearing.

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I had the same problem. I opened a free account with DynDNS.. I added the details of the account to my router. No matter what IP address I get assigned my DNS updates to my new ip and the router port forwards back to my internal network. They also provide a small piece of software that updates your IP address to DNS servers at regular intervals to ensure that everything is forwarded to my router and that appeared to solve all the issues I was having.

I enabled UPnP NAT-PMP and turned off random ports at startup set up a port in the router for forwarding and no more issues.

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