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newbie help - port forward - upload restart


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finally using uTorrent! (fast cable connection)

so far, download is great, upload speed is zip, notta, sucks..

just went thru the tutorials on portforwarding/static ip, etc.

How do I restart an Upload on Torrents that have finished downloading?

(after exiting the program, Reboot, etc..?)

I have not exited the program yet, I'm just assuming the program has to be re-opened after static ip setup/port-forwarding, because the upload is still extremely slow.

Thanks so much,


PS. What an awesome community!

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Only a few settings changes in uTorrent requires restarting uTorrent or at least the active torrents to take effect. Listening port changes and speed settings do not.

If uploading to others is (very?) slow...

1.Are there any/few/many peers connected to you?

2.Are there more seeds than peers reported by the tracker/s? Such torrents can make seeding very hard...as every peer may be being flooded by seeds.

3.Is this on private trackers and/or private torrents?

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I apolagize, i knew there would be a huge learning curve with torrent.. thats why I've been postponing involvement for years now.

anyway, simply, if I close the program and then reopen, is the file sharing automaticly restarted?

(I'm just trying to determine this first, before terminating what is already sharing, or making someone mad or angry)

one torrent has 2 seeds and 1 peer, d/l 92.4% at 0.5kb/s, zero upload, ETA = 1d

(sometimes the upload goes high (90kb/s), tracker tab says working for (DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Peer Exchange)

another torrent, has fully downloaded 100%, says 'seeding', but says 0 seeds, 1 peer, not uploading at all, but sometimes starts to upload for a short time, 'tracker' tab, status says, not allowed for (DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange)

another torrent, says fully downloaded 100%, says seeding, 0 seeds/0peers, tracker tab says working for (DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Peer Exchange)

they are all from bt.etree.org (private ?)

also, not understanding what the difference is in the paranthesis of seeds/peers

0 (14), 0 (3)

thanks alot Switeck!

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uTorrent should restart previously-running torrents when reopening the program. HOWEVER, if you have more started than can effectively run at once, some of the torrents will go to queued status and not actually be active/running/started.

0 (14) means 0 seeds connected, out of 14 seeds "seen"...possibly over the last week, meaning those 14 can long-ago be dead/gone off the torrent swarm and never connect again.

0 (3) also means the same for peers -- 0 connected, 3 peers "seen" in the past.

If DHT, PEX, and LPD all say working, the torrent is not private.

It seems you're on dead torents that only irregularly have any visitors at all!

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