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Problems downloading, need help !


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Hi guys.

Ive been having some difficulties making Utorrent download anything lately, all seeds and peers are made visible, but the dowloads remain at 0% constantly. Since im not familiar with the terminology of the program id hope someone could help me out in an understandable way somehow

i made an exception for windows firewall as well, but the problem persists !

to further visualise my problem I took a little screenshot while doing the setup guide, im sure some of you will know whats up after seeing this:


thanks in advance

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Oh snap ! It might be worth mentioning that i am using my university's network at a dormitory, its very possible that they are giving me limited access by blocking some applications now that you reminded me of it ! I know they give access if discussed with the guy in charge, i just need to know what to ask of them in that case

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