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If you select a torrent and do Properties, you can change the SeedWhile settings., e.g. seed while ration < 100% or time < 1440. It would be nice if this information could be displayed on the General tab. There is lots of space after Status: Seeding. Suggest this be augmented with the SeedWhile info, as follows:

example: Status: Seeding While ratio <=: 100% or seedtime <=: 1440 min.

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I'll admit it might be handy to have it in multiple places, but then it just get's confusing.

Well, the General tab already duplicates anything that can be a column in the torrent list, e.g. size, seeds, peers, uploaded, downloaded, ratio, etc, so that seems like a weak argument against it.

It's not really that hard to right click on a torrent and hit properties.

There's already a global option in the preferences too.

True, but it clicking Properties for >1 torrent is very inefficient from an interaction viewpoint.

This wouldn't be an issue if utorrent had advanced seeding rules. But it doesn't. This seems like a very simple and dead easy improvement to make.

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