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Proposed feature: Add "Completed On" time


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I usually move the files to a different location (disk) than the default, and then use Advanced->Set Download Location... to point to the new location.

Since I am so imperfect, I occasionally point at the wrong file, and then the Completed On time is wiped out when the torrent is rechecked. So I fix this to point at the right file and do a recheck and all is well.

Or is it? The Completed On date is still blank. This screws things up if you look at things by the Completed On timestamp as you can't distinguish from torrents that are not started, are downloading, or suffered the problem I described here.

Another example of when this would be useful is if I have deleted a torrent, but get a reseed request. If I still have the file then I can re-download the torrent, point it at the file, do a recheck and start seeding.

Logically it makes sense that a 100% completed torrent would have a non-blank Completed On timestamp.


If Recheck completes successfully AND Completed On timestamp is blank, then insert system date for Completed On timestamp for that torrent.

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