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Connection closed by peer - DMZ fix


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Hello, i have got my utorrent set up correctly, forwarding the correct ports etc.

The setup guide reports that the port is open.

I have enabled upnp on utorrent and the router.

I am with fast.co.uk, which is the uk's top rated isp and i know they wouldnt block anything.

Yet i still recieve the message 'Connection closed by peer' and 'the host actively refused your connection'

So, i put my local ip in the DMZ and it seems too have fixed some of the connection closed by peers. I only have windows firewall and its set to allow utorrent everything.

The problem is, i cant leave the DMZ open to my i.p for security reasons.

And it only fixes a few, i still have loads of 'No connection could be made because the target mechine actively refused it' errors and a few timed out and connection closed by peers.

The dmz only seemed to allow 4 more working connections out of 22.

Switching the DMZ off leaves me with 2 working (which only gives me a few kb/s)

What could be the issue here?


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