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Speed hovering around zero on well seeded torrents


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I just got 8mbit broadband installed today (BThomehub2) and utorrent was fine for the first half of the day, then suddenly the download speeds have plummeted to around 0.5 - 2kb/s.

I've been reading setup guides for the last hour or so and nothing has changed.

Setup Guide tests say everything is fine and I get two my green ticks.

Even when i've not had ports open the speed has been reasonable. This is clearly lol bad.

portforward.com site doesn't have my exact router admin so I can't follow their guide to the letter.

help :( I have one torrent that has 30,000 seeds and i'm connected to 29 and getting 1kb/s average!

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Wireless cards on average don't hold up as well as wired LAN cards/routers/internet access under the strain of uTorrent's many networking requests/connections.

You can try reduced settings with them -- making fewer outgoing connection attempts per second, allowing a lower global max connections, or disabling uTorrent features (UPnP, NAT-PMP, Resolve IPs, DHT, LPD, uTP.)

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