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Help with 2 internet connections


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Hi, my name is Claudio, Im from Argentina and I have a question for you guys who know more than me. Few months ago I received a second internet connection at home for free, and since I ve been reading my hole life, its impossible to sum both connections to surf the web, but I realized that maybe there was a chance on telling utorrent to use one connection and leave the other to surf the web at the same time. That was fine, I found how to do it, and when I did it everything was working great. First connection Fibertel (cable) 3 m for internet surfing was working great and the second Speedy 5 m (ADSL) for utorrent was downloading at the maximun speed. The day after I configure that, I started downloading another torrent when I realized that it was downloading at 930 kbps wich is pretty much the sum of both connections. I checked if Speedy (ISP) was giving me more speed by surfing the web (It was supposed to work with Fibertel) which was almost impossible as I was using the hole bandwich from both connections.

Yesterday night I been trying to use hamachi so I disconected the utorrent connection for a while, and now everything came back to normal, the connections are not working together anymore.

Is there a way someone can explain me how I did this? I can show you with screenshots the speed I was getting if necesary.

I have windows 7 x64 and this 2 connections get to my computer through 2 different nics. They also have a modem from their company each. Thanks in advance.

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