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uTorrent not working on brand-new MacBook Pro


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I just bought the newly-released MacBook Pro (2.66 Ghz i7 processor) to replace my old 1st generation MacBook Pro. I downloaded and installed uTorrent but the connection light is not on, I can't download a torrent directly from a page into uTorrent, nor can I download it and open it manually. Nothing happens either time, the torrent is not added to the download or active uTorrent queue.

The strange thing is that it works fine on my old piece of crap MacBook.

I'm using uTorrent Version on both machines. Google Chrome is my default browser for both MacBook Pros.

Any suggestions? Please feel free to email me at masaru277@gmail.com.



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I have this same problem. I believe it's a problem with the i7 series MBP. I have the 2.66 i7 with 8gb RAM and I still get lag from uTorrent. especially when opening, switching to uTorrent and adding a torrent. It's almost as the process seems to stall. I'm looked into program conflicts but don't seem to find a program that is causing the issue. We should see about getting this submitted as an actual bug, not just an issue.

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