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uTorrent 2.04 downloads temp files until hard disk is full.


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I recently upgraded from utorrent 1.8.5 to 2.04, and at the same time, my computer has become slugish, with utorrent using way to much cpu (but not memory). Also, just some seconds after utorrent 2.04 starts running, it starts downloading some strange files into my user account 'temp files' folder (see image below). As if this wasn't enough, these files I mentioned are downloaded at my CONNECTION maximum speed (28mbps), and even if I try to set a DL limit on uTorrent, it won't change anything. I think this is the reason utorrent uses so much cpu, causing the overall computer slowdown. Eventually, after some time, my hard disk becomes completely full, unless i manually delete these mysterious files.

I looked for similar problems on the forums and i found just one post resembling my own, although I can't tell if it's the same problem. It presented no solution to my problem. I even tried to downgrade to 1.8.5 (I know you frown upon this behavior, but I was desperate), but the problem persisted (now I was freaking out). I reinstalled 2.04 and tried changing some options, like disk cache and read/write cache, but to no avail.

Unless you can help me finding a solution to this akward problem, I will regrettably have to change to another bitorrent aplication, since I am such a fan of uTorrent and never had a single problem with it. Please help me...

mysterious%20files%20on%20temp%20folderhttp://www.traduzsimples.50webs.com/Jeronimus_Page/Imagens/tempfiles.jpg uTorrent%20using%20max%20speed%20even%20http://www.traduzsimples.50webs.com/Jeronimus_Page/Imagens/utorrentatmaxspeed.jpg

click on img to see it fullsize

System specs:

Pentium4 2,6GHz, 1GB Ram;

Router: THOMSON TG784 (ports are open, never had a problem);

Conection: DL-28mbps | UL-2,6mbps

AV/firewall: KIS (never had any problem with it);

OS: WinXP SP3 (fully updated);

Haven't changed anything in my system prior to upgrading to uTorrent 2.04;

If you need any other information, please ask away...

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To open a file, it first needs to be downloaded.

Assuming you're questioning the use of disk storage... then given the situation Dan_Alex experienced, you'd rather µTorrent potentially crash with some out-of-memory error if the user added a feed that served regular files rather than .torrent files?

If you're asking why µTorrent seems to be downloading all files in the feed... well, don't assume Dan_Alex doesn't have his filter set to catch everything.

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...that you filtered as favorites ?

Yes, I was referring to HD storage. What I meant was it should filter the feed's *text* first, and download ONLY those FILTERED .TORRENT links that you defined as your favorites. If the link is neither for a .torrent file , nor one of your favorites - there is no need to download any temp file(s) for it.

The only problem I can see - is when .torrent links are hiding real files, but even then, I don't see why uT cannot download only one matched favorite ".torrent" file at a time and delete it when it is finds it not a torrent, and is done with it... :P

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I guess I am in the dark here... I assumed, that uT does not download any FILE from RSS except for the feed's items (text/links). When it parses the links and finds a match - only then it downloads the torrent file(s), and only if it has a .torrent suffix.

Since it can download them one at a time, there should not be more then one temp file per feed present (torrent or not).

But, hey, I didn't write the code... :P

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For the sake of argument, I did had an rss filter which was configured to do not download anything right away. Just like the rest of my rss feeds, it should only show the items which I would then choose to DL or not. Below I posted the feed which originated the problem, in case you are curious :) :


But has I said before, since I deleted it, no problems have arisen... Many thanks to the µTorrent dev team for creating this great piece of software, and for free!

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