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Periodic error "Cannot access file..." while rehashing a lot of files


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I got µTorrent ver.2.0.4 under WinXP on Intel Atom PC.

And I got an error "Cannot access file because its in use by another process (or something like that)" appearing with constant period while downloading a new file while uTorrent rehashes a lot of files. I did a stupid action so i have to rehash about four hundred files. So it gets unreal to download something while rehashing process goes because every 3-5 minutes download stops with above error.

I have no indexing soft installed in my WinXP. Besides that it downloads to a clean brand new previously formatted and installed HDD which has no files at all except those downloading.

I have ESET NOD32 a/v and Agnitum Outpost f/w installed in OS but they never been a problem about years.

Now, After rehashing has been done µTorrent continues its download with no error about several days.

So i believe its all about hashing process.


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