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I would like to know on how to enable the DNA feature for UTorrent


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I just wanted to know on how to use and enable the DNA to speed up my torrents with UTorrent. This is also for BitTorrent too. But I want to know just on how to enable for my UTorrent. So I downloaded it. And then I clicked on the icon to launch it, but it didn't do anything. It just sat there and didn't do nothing. Then I clicked on the Control Panel extension and it said to enable tray icon. So I checked this box and then I closed the window. And then the DNA blue BitTorrent icon was in my taskbar. Then after I did that, I went into my UTorrent preferences, and I could not found the DNA option listed in my UTorrent settings. I mean this DNA setting is supposed to be listed in my preferences. So how do I get this DNA settings option to be in my UTorrent preferences? Because I am not sure on how to do this process. So please explain to me on how to do this process for me, step-by-step because I want to make my torrents download faster. So all right then? Well anyway, so get back to me as soon as possible and let me know on how to do this so that it works for me with no problem. So thank you very much!

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