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unable to get utorrent open/save window to open reset associate with .


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Help. I was choosing a torrent to download and decided to choose the save option instead of open - mistake I now know, however, I found that the save just saved as utorrent and I could not play or burn to cd.

Anyway, I decided to just re-download the same torrent, only this time the window with the save or open option did not display, instead it only went directly to the same place I saved the last download, please help me to get the window with this choice to open again. This window has not opened even when choosing a completely new torrent to download - it is like this option is now gone.

I also need help resetting the associate with .torrent files tab, I was looking for how to fix the first issue and read about going to options, preferences and making sure the above tab was on, it was, but I clicked on it anyway, thinking I could click again and it would highlight and it didn't, I did not click on the apply or save button but rather the cancel button and it still stayed off.

Thank you and I am sure these are simple fixes, I am just not familiar with the answers. I am using utorrent 1.8.3. Should I just uninstall and reinstall the latest version? I am leary as this version has worked trouble free and I don't like to mess with things when they are working, I had trouble with another torrent program and just could not use it after downloading the "newest version". thanks for your help

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First upgrade utorrent. 1.8.3 is unsupported and has a major security flaw that only 2.04, 2.2 and 3.0, have fixes for.

Second you need to change your association for .torrent files in your browser.

If it's firefox, then open tools - options - applications, and change the one beside .torrent to open with (utorrent)

If it's internet explorer it should be a similar option, not sure exactly what names it would be under though, Just look around.

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