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Does not fully uninstall


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I used uTorrent for retrieving a file from a vendor (2.76gb zip file once downloaded), then ran the unistall utility. Now I'm left with a gateway connection through my router that is nothing but bit torrent pathways & I can not disable it, delete it, or find it's source on my machine or in my router. However, it is active & sucking up 73% of the bandwith on my 1.5M DSL connection. This gateway is separate from the LAN connection from my machine to my router/DSL modem, and I can't assign firewall protection to it, or change the connection settings. I've done a full reset & config of the router/modem (connection still present), then a reconstruct of my network settings on my machine with another full reset of the router (again, still present). I'm at the point where I think I may have to blow my machine away & rebuild the OS & app installs.

I would not mind being able to use it for other apps or downloads in the future, but this usage when the machine is idle is such that it prevents playing any of my online games or using any of my streaming media subscriptions. It's not willing to give up it's usage except when I shut my machine down.

I need to know how to find and kill all traces of this thing on my machine at this point.

BTW none of the other 9 machines on my LAN can use the internet for anything at all while my machine is up and this torrent gateway is active.

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not installed at this point, have not been able to identify the service in the task manager, but the connection shows these services available for users on the network via this gateway:

Internet Gateway = Local Area Connection on Actiontec GT701-WG


Speed = 614.4kbps

Send & Receive bits are averaging 694k

Settings: uTorrent (TCP) - enabled, uTorrent (UDP) - enabled

Unchecking the boxes associated with those settings results in a short pause after clicking the Ok button & reopenning the properties window shows them re-enabled, even after rebooting prior to reopenning the connection properties window.

Here's a list of the processes showing in the Task Manager Processes window:

firefox.exe Owner 65.9M

searchindexer.exe SYSTEM 36.2M

svchost.exe SYSTEM 34.0M

RTHDCPL.exe Owner 22.5M

explorer.exe Owner 15.2M

WRConsumerService.exe SYSTEM 13.3M

SetPoint.exe Owner 10.8M


SpySweeper.exe SYSTEM 8.4M

SeaPort.exe SYSTEM 8.2M

svchost.exe LOCAL SERVICE 6.5M

KALMNPR.exe Owner 5.8M

spoolsv.exe SYSTEM 5.7M

nost_LM.exe Owner 5.3M

nvsvc32.exe SYSTEM 5.0M

svchost.exe SYSTEM 5.0M

taskmgr.exe Owner 4.9M

svchost.exe SYSTEM 4.7M

svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE 4.5M

rundll32.exe Owner 4.5M

InCD.exe Owner 3.9M

ctfmon.exe Owner 3.8M

svchost.exe LOCAL SERVICE 3.8M

csrss.exe SYSTEM 3.7M

services.exe SYSTEM 3.7M

svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE 3.6M

alg.exe LOCAL SERVICE 3.6M


svchost.exe SYSTEM 3.5M



incdsrv.exe SYSTEM 3.1M

jusched.exe Owner 2.9M

LVPrcSrv.exe SYSTEM 2.5M


Isass.exe SYSTEM 1.8M

winlogon.exe SYSTEM 1.5M

smss.exe SYSTEM 416k

System SYSTEM 252k

System Idle Process SYSTEM 28k

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