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Can't Connect to Seeds/Leechers on Tracker


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Hi all,

A few days ago, my torrent clients blew up. I was downloading a torrent on uTorrent and it gave me a "files being used by another process" error and screwed up the torrent. I restarted the client and checked the files, and resumed the torrent. However, for some reason, there was a problem with the tracker - the status was stated as "working" but there were 0 seeds and peers, while just a few minutes ago there had been hundreds. I can still connect to peers on DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange, but the speed of downloading from them is horrible compared to from the tracker. At first, I thought it was just the tracker that was having problems; however, I tried downloading torrents from other trackers, and they all gave me the same result - a working tracker but with no seeds/leechers in the trackers tab and no seeds/leechers to connect to (apart from the one or two seeds on DHT/Peer Exchange). I switched over to the BitTorrent client and it also yielded the same results. I updated BitTorrent to the newest version; I still had no luck. I have neither done anything to my internet connection in the past few days nor fiddled with the client settings. Could someone please help me?

Many thanks in advance!

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