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Can I set up multiple instances of uTorrent on 1 PC?


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My daughter has just discovered utorrent from a friend. She rushed home, and installed it onto the media PC in our home. Unfortunately she didn't realise I'd already installed it....

So she ran it for the first time, deleted all the existing 'old peoples stuff' and then completely re-did the user interface, preferences etc. I am not a happy camper!

Q: How can I set up the Utorrent installation ( or installations?) so that two different users are completely separate?

i.e. When I log on and utorrent starts I don't want to see her collection of horse pr0n and she doesn't start it and faint at my selection of justin bieber downloads...


nb The horse pr0n was a joke

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The FAQ linked to above, does not have into on installing a second instance. And when I run the install file, it simply opens the utorrent instance already installed.

How do I install a second independent utorrent instance, with completely separate torrent and download directories?

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