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Yes i read the other 100% overload threads but please read this :¬)


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Ok edit - (alpha 21734) dunno if this is relevant

I start a torrent download it is a big file to my NAS unit

utorrent goes 100% disk overload imediately and i get 10-40k/sec download

I check the lights on my NAS unit they are going crazy

I stop the torrent and exit utorrent but.........

utorrent stays in memory and is still making my NAS unit lights thrash for 10+ minuets

I think its preallocating the disk space on the NAS unit in a bad way

Allocating small chunks maybe ? i dont have the code to check

But If i sit it out till utorrent stops doing what it wants to do to my NAS drive

after 10 minutes everything is fine, No overload and back to 6mb/sec download speed

Any ideas on what utorrent is doing!

remember i cant even stop/exit utorrent before its done its bit, thrashing my NAS unit?

i tried with preallocate files and dont prealocate files - makes no diff

i followed many disk cache theories too none matter - its something else

Many thanks for reading more thanks if you can help me :¬):¬)

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preallocate off, no zero on

Chances are, if those in that combination aren't helping then you have something in your NAS configuration that is causing it.

But I say this again, we have a LOT of reasons we don't recommend torrenting directly to networked locations. This is actually already on said list.

If you're on a 100mbit network, you have at MOST 12mbyte/sec of speed in either direction (24mbyte/sec best-case) to deal with, and with the nonlinear nature of torrenting, the practical availability of speed goes down massively on NAS devices.

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PC(gigabit) -> switch(gigabit) ->Nas(gigabit)

All tests show it working ok :¬)

I am talkign about 10 gigabyte torrents here though

I guess if some preallocations is hapening as it seems to be

this must take a bit of time to do :¬(

Shame the no_zero didnt stop this preallocation phase

that seems to still happen even when no torrents are active and

you have done a File->Exit

Ill go check this using C: drive


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I just found the ...

Detailed Info


Tab :¬)

This is marvelous for debuging this

I found that increasing the cache buffer to 1.5gig (for me) and

Setting - Write out finished pieces imediatly

Gave the system time to recover writeing directly to my Orrid NAS drives

Thanks again

Im a happy bunny again :¬)

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