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I want to know on how to speed up my torrents by adding more trackers


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I would defiantly like to know on how to increase my speed of my torrents by adding more trackers to them. But I am not to sure on how to do this process. So please help me out here with this because there is this torrent that I want to download, but it is downloading rather slowly. And this is the problem that I am having right here. There are more Leechers then there are seeds, and that is why it is downloading more slowly which is not good at all. I always know now that more seeds is better than leechers. Because otherwise it would just download slow and that would take forever. You know what i'm saying? So I really want to know on how to add more trackers to the torrents I download. And also if you can, please give me a step-by-step tutorial or a guide with some screenshots on how to do this for me. Because this would make it so much easier for me to understand on how to do it. All righty then? So please get back to me as very soon as possible when you can. I will be waiting for my response from you! So thank you very much!

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