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uTP and utserver.conf


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Hi all, first post here and glad it's about my favorite torrent client for my favorite os! :) One of the main things I like about uTorrent is the uTP protocol. My router just does not work right with UPNP and crashes pretty often requiring a restart. Manual port forwarding doesn't seem to work either as Transmission always shows the port is closed. Naturally my speed suffers because of this. However when I load windows (yuck) and run uTorrent without port forwarding or UPNP I've still always got that nice green check mark and my speeds max out. I cant seem to find any settings in the linux webui for uTP though so I don't know if it's running or not.

Maybe the uTP settings are in utserver.conf but I can't that file anywhere either. It wasn't in the .tar.gz file so I thought maybe it was auto-generated and put at /etc/utserver.conf after I ran the server the first time but no luck there either. How do I get/find the utserver.conf file?

Thanks for bringing uTorrent to linux, looking forward to the new releases/client in the future!

edit: Couldn't get it to resume file from Transmission too. I imagine this is because transmission downloads to .part files first then removes the .part when it's done. It deleted everything though and I had to completely restart the file :(

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Those settings are controlled from the WebUI itself.

so not possible to change them using the config file?

if not that is tbh kind of stupid if you need to manually configure the client instead of just copying the conf file.

is it possible to add those settings to the conf file?

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